How are diamonds cut?

Rough diamonds are cut using special saws and laser. The goal of the cutter when shaping a rough piece of material is to create one or more faceted stones that will sell for the maximum total price. This means that some diamonds will be cut will less-than-perfect proportions if doing so will help minimize waste and maximize profits.

How does cut affect diamond size?
The way a diamond is cut can affect its dimensions and perceived size. Diamonds that are cut shallow (i.e., they are wider but their vertical distance is shorter than normal) have a greater surface and look bigger compared with stones of similar weight that are cut deeper.

This relationship between cut proportions and size is why diamonds of different cuts vary in terms of how big they look when put in a setting.

Diamond Cut Elements, Characteristics, and Measurements
What are the elements and characteristics of diamond cut?
Diamonds are cut into faceted stones, and a cut is usually characterized by the measurements of some of its key elements: table (the stone’s topmost facet), girdle (its widest part), crown (the diamond’s upper part, above the girdle), and pavilion (the stone’s lower part, below the girdle).

The proportions of these parts and their alignment relative to one another are what characterizes a cut and determines its quality grade.

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