Platinum vs. Gold and Palladium

Gold has its own allure, but platinum is the hands-down winner in many respects.

For starters, platinum is a lot more durable than gold. It is also more resistant to scratches.

Gold will, over time, start to get scuffed and scratched.

To mirror the strength of the marriage bond, platinum is the way to go.

Palladium suffers from similar problems to gold because it’s soft and scratches easily as well.

Palladium also doesn’t keep its shine for a long time and will require more polishing.

Don’t Get Cheated

When you’re shopping for a platinum ring, you might want to check the inner band of the ring before you decide if it’s the ring.

If you’ll do a little squinting, you’ll see a stamp there with a number and a little bit of text. Pay close attention to that number. If it’s .95, that usually means you’ve got a ring that’s 95% platinum. This is a high-end ring that is sold for a high price.

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