Types of Diamond Cuts?

How are types of diamond cuts classified?
The round brilliant cut is considered the classic diamond cut; all other (non-round) cuts are referred to as fancy cuts.

Diamond cuts can also be divided into brilliant cuts (e.g., the round cut, the princess cut) and step cuts (e.g., the emerald cut). Brilliant cuts are designed to maximize the brilliance of the stone, whereas step cuts are not made with this priority in mind and therefore have less sparkle.

Which is the most popular diamond cut?
The most popular diamond cut is the round cut, largely due to its design, which is meant to maximize brilliance, more so than any other cut. The princess cut is usually the second most popular.

How is the cut of round diamonds measured and evaluated?
The round diamond cut is largely evaluated on the proportions of its table, crown, and pavilion relative to the stone’s girdle. To that end, diamond graders measure and calculate the diameter of the girdle, the diameter of the diamond’s table, as well as the crown height, the pavilion depth, and the total depth of the stone. The angles of the crown and the pavilion are also considered.

What is a single cut and what is a full cut?
When referring to round diamonds, a full cut is a cut that has 57 or 58 facets – i.e., the number currently accepted as the standard for the classic round cut. Single cuts are those cuts with less than 57 facets – usually, between 16 and 18. Very small diamonds used as side stones often come in single cuts, as reducing the number of facets saves labor and makes the diamond cheaper.

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