What is a diamond girdle and culet?

What is a diamond girdle? culet What is a diamond girdle?

The diamond girdle is the widest part of a cut diamond; it is the edge that separates the top (the table) and the bottom (the pavilion) parts of a stone. The girdle is the part that is measured when determining the diamond’s diameter (for round diamonds); the key proportions of other parts of a diamond are also measured relative to the girdle.

What is a diamond culet?

The diamond culet is the facet cut at the bottom of a diamond. Not all diamonds have a culet – some just have a pointed end at the bottom.

Some jewelers argue that the lack of a culet exposes a diamond to a greater risk of chipping at the bottom. Others think that this is not a problem as long as the diamond’s bottom is well protected when mounted in a setting.

If the culet is too big, it can be too visible through the stone’s top and look like a dark spot.

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