What Is Full Cut Diamond?

How a diamond will be cut depends on a variety of factors. Generally, the choice hinges upon the size of the stone, its color, clarity and the need to utilize as much of the raw diamond as possible.

Depending on the stone’s size and clarity, for example, the visual appeal of the resulting diamond can be greatly enhanced or diminished by the cut chosen.

Often, diamond cutters will try to strike a balance among a number of quality considerations in order to come up with diamond cuts that have the highest potential to sell well.

What Is Full Cut?

A full-cut diamond is a stone that is shaped into a round brilliant cut and has 57 or 58 facets.

The round cut is considered a classic diamond shape, as opposed to the so-called “fancy cuts”, which can take many different forms and have a varying number of facets.

It should be noted that a diamond can be cut into a round brilliant shape and have fewer facets than the standard 57 or 58. In this case, the stone will not be considered a full-cut diamond.

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